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About me

Hi, I’m Tom. Originally, I'm from the UK but I moved stateside in 2016. I Live with my wife, Liz, and our two cats Sakura and Wesley in North Carolina.


 Since I was a kid I've had a pencil in my hand drawing everything and anything from my imagination. 


My work is influenced by a range of things, my love of monsters and creatures for one thing, but also my fascination with Japanese culture, traditions, and mythology. I also credit my love of music of all kinds for my work (I pretty much don't draw without my headphones). I use all these influences as well as my interest in urban and punk styles to create these designs

I hope that my designs interest you and that once I get my storefront up and running you may want one of them as a sticker for your laptops, waterbottles and all the other stuff people put stickers on

Thanks for reading


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